Education Services

The heart and soul of what we do at the Welcome Center lies in our commitment to community and education. Through the generosity of our volunteer teachers we are able to offer 46 class sessions each week in English, Citizenship, and Computers. Our classes offer students the chance to expand their skills and confidence all while joining a community of other new immigrants, volunteers, and staff.

What we offer:

English: From one-on-one tutoring to a more traditional classroom structure we offer classes in a variety of levels starting from beginner survival to advanced conversation. Each year we build a class schedule based around the needs of the students. There is no set course catalog. Our focus is mostly on speaking and listening with an emphasis on real-world skills, however as students progress we integrate reading and writing.

Citizenship: Our Citizenship classes help students who have submitted their application for naturalization to prepare for the interview. Classes cover a variety of topics including American Civics and History, reviewing information on the application, pronunciation, interview expectations, and other important topics.

Computer Skills: In this beginner class students learn the basics of computers including setting up and using an email account, searching for information online, and writing a letter and resume on Microsoft Word.

Classes are offered daily from 9:30-11:30 AM (including a 15 min social break); 12:30-2:00; 5:00-6:30; or 6:30-8:00 PM. Most classes meet twice weekly for a total of five instruction hours every week.

Students can sign up for classes either during our May registration period (for returning students) or our August registration where we offer testing to help new students find the right class for them. Depending on class availability we may offer a mid-year registration in January for new students.

A $30 class fee covers all instruction, books, and supplies. We also offer scholarships for students who want to learn but cannot pay the fee.