Trivia Night (November 3, 2018)
June 21, 2017

What’s Happening Outside the Welcome Center?

“Who was the second president of the United States?” queried the Park Ranger.  In a quiet whisper, Pjerta answered John Adams.  Pjerta and her fellow citizenship classmates were visiting Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross’ House, and other historical sites in Philadelphia to learn the history of the United States in preparation for their citizenship examination.  Each member of our class, composed of immigrants from The Dominican Republic, Vietnam and Albania, had embarked on this life-changing decision to become American citizens years ago.  After years of becoming proficient in English, the challenge now was to learn the history of the United States.  Each one has his/her own unique story, or adventure even, of how they came to the United States, but they share the strong desire to become citizens, as well as the unfailing belief that the many opportunities offered by the United States are open to them and their children. It is a privilege and an honor to play a role in their quest to become American citizens.

~Mary Ann Cottone~


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