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Educating and Serving Philadelphia’s Immigrant Community

Our New Building Expansion
3169 Weymouth Street!

Through the generosity of dear friends and benefactors we have been able to purchase the house next to the SSJ Welcome Center, so that we can expand our services to our newest neighbors. We can hardly believe this miracle in our lives! We prayed that somehow we would be able to expand and now this reality is within sight. Our new addition is a small, 100 year old rowhouse in utter disrepair. Although it passed a home inspection it was deemed in need of a complete makeover. As we stood in this aged and broken building and walked through the debris of bricks and wood, we could only imagine that in its early days this house sheltered immigrants who worked in the local mills or factories. Soon, it will be refurbished and will once again open its doors to welcome new immigrants.

3169 Weymouth Street House

Of course, the rebuilding of this old yet beautiful house comes with a hefty price tag. We hope that you will consider making a donation to contribute to the rebuilding of our new site. A donation to this project will not only be contributing to the renovations but to an expansion of the services offered by the Sisters of Saint Joseph, staff and volunteers.

Gifts can be made online here through Network for Good. Please specify "SSJ Welcome Center" in the designation box.

Mail donations to:

The Sisters of Saint Joseph Welcome Center
728 E. Allegheny Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19134

United Way: Our United Way number is 14933.